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Cant seem to focus
Mind racing
Body stagnant
Met one of the greats
The greatest is i
The knowledge of the powerful
Powerful knowledge of self
Distraction is inevitable
Inevitable thoughts are a distraction
I am who i make myself to be
Knowledge is granted infinitely
I am the greatest leader
I am self
Undefined by the dictionary because
Words cant confine what just is
Be the action be the idea
Its not that I dont know its that i dont think when i do know
I put myself in the box
Focused in the wrong direction
Any moment i can correct the situation
Direction is key
Direction is he
Direction is i
The child of the sky
The earth beneath my feet
Remnants of the sweet

This love thing

This love thing,
Opposites attract
Yet similarities retract
Get so close to fall down so far
No one ever knows how deep it really goes
The flicker of the flame
Cant extinguish what is and will always be
Cant deny the bullshit that escalates inside the real
Cant let go but cant move forward
Where is this really going?
Is there a question to the answers i seek
Or am i just watching reality tv
Open to the problem, ready for the solution
This love thing

#iloveit when i see old friends doing #greatthings truly nothing compares to that feeling hope it never changes @haseeb_patail doing #BIG things you better #asksomebody!! S/o to my #Cali peeps #highschoolmemories #hardwork pays off #dreamNEVERdeferred catch #haseebpatail #live #march20 #belascotheatre #mosdef #futuristic #dtla #getwitit #yasiinbey #thedreamisREAL #SupportTheREAL

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